Corn (maize) is one of the most important sources of energy. The boundaries of its cultivation have been expanded by intensive breeding and individual hybrids are classified according to their specific utilisation.


One of them is the production of bioethanol. An inseparable part of the technological process of bioethanol production is the production of DDGS (Distiller’s Dried Grains with Solubles), resulting in the perfect utilisation of the raw material - corn grain. Due to the bioethanol production, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have been classified among the countries which decrease greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment according to the EU regulations.

Corn belongs to the most productive crops. Its high harvest potential requires professional approach to cultivating technologies, which have completely changed in the past years. Under the influence of climate change an adequate selection of hybrids according to specific conditions plays a notable role. Highly valuable characteristics of hybrids, as the tolerance to stress conditions, fast draining of water into the grain, stability of harvest volumes are present in all breeding programs. Corn is deservedly classified among the most important commercial crops.




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