Glycerol phase is a liquid byproduct of biodiesel production. It contains mainly glycerol, methanol and fatty acids. All these materials can be further processed and used as input material in various applications (Glycerol - animal feed ingredient, in biogas plants, in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and construction industries. Methanol – the production of biofuels, chemical industry. Fatty acids - the production of biofuels, cosmetic industry, etc.).

Glycerol phase is produced by Rossi Biofuel in Komárom, Hungary and by Biodizel Vukovar, Croatia. In the production process potassium methylate is used as catalyst in Rossi Biofuel, whereas sodium methylate is used in Biodizel Vukovar.


Please find below the quality specifications of our products:

Quality specification Glycerol phase RSI

Quality specification Glycerol phase Rossi Biofuel

Quality specification Glycerol phase BDV

Quality specification Glycerol phase Biodizel Vukovar

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