ENVIROL 96/ENVIROL 99 Disinfectant DVO

is a biocidal product intended for:

  • Production of disinfectants
  • Cleaning of products and equipment
  • Disinfection of public spaces
  • Other specific use for the protection and encouragement of health

The product is registered in the national register of biocidal products placing on the market in the Slovak Republic.

The active substance of the disinfectant is ethanol, with a broad spectrum of biocidal activity. The active substance supplier fulfills the conditions of the European Biocidal Regulation.

Before using the disinfectant, read the detailed information on the label.

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SDS ENVIROL 96 disinfectant DVO

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SDS ENVIROL 99 disinfectant (DVO)

envirol 96

QS ENVIROL 96 disinfectant DVO EN

envirol 99

QS ENVIROL 99 disinfectant (DVO)

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