Our vision is step by step becoming a reality. The original fleet of vehicles in the Envien Group will be progressively replaced by passenger cars capable of running on the fuel B30.

What is B30 anyway? Read more in the article.

We are once again one step closer to fulfilling our vision of low emission mobility. From the beginning of the year 2022, our fleet will gradually be changed to passenger cars from the Stellantis group. Diesel engines of these vehicles are adapted for refuelling with a 30% share of biodiesel, which we produce in our company MEROCO. We are very pleased that we will be able to use directly more of the product made by us. This will achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in the impacts on ambient air quality.

Currently, diesel with a 7% bio‐compounds content (B7) is sold at public service stations. By replacing fuel in our whole company fleet from B7 to B30, we will save approximately 12 500 cubic meters of CO2 emissions in one year. We plan to replace the whole fleet within the next three years.

The construction of a new section of petrol station, owned by Solar 2009 in the Envien Group neighborhood, where our new fleet will be refuelled, is also part of the B30 project. We see potential in the project and think that biofuels will play an important role in the future decarbonisation of transport. Taking into account the renewable share in electricity and today's real possibilities of electromobility and hydrogen in transport by 2030, Slovakia cannot meet its commitment to 14% of renewable energy sources in transport in 2030 without a significantly higher share of biofuels.

Proof of the successful implementation of larger proportions of bio‐compounds in fuels is also two tractors, which are driven on fields near Orechová Potôň (20% biodiesel content) as well as a heavyduty truck operated on 100% biodiesel, which you could hear about in the project Biojazda.sk.

The pictures are from the B30 promo day that we organized in front of the Envien Group headquarters in cooperation with the Stellantis team on the 20th of October 2021.

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