On October 11, 2022, in the name of the Association for the Production and Use of Biofuels, the ceremonial opening of the Solar2009 fuel station was held, which is the first station in Slovakia to offer ecodiesel B30 (contains 30% biodiesel and 70% diesel). As part of the (Biodrive) project, on behalf of the Envien Group, we presented the replacement of our vehicle fleet with vehicles running on ecodiesel B30. We want to take a lead in greening of transport and change fuel from standard diesel B7 to B30 in the entire fleet, 75 vehicles. We will manage to save approximately 35 tonnes of CO2 emissions in one year. From October 12, refueling with B30 fuel is available to all interested employees of our companies, as well as the general public, who have the appropriate type of vehicle compatible with B30 fuel. The compatibility of the vehicle's engine with B30 fuel must be checked on the car's fuel tank lid or in the owner's manual.


We warmly welcome a new company based in Poland to our ENVIEN BIOPALIWA POLSKA Group.These days we are preparing for its takeover, which is scheduled to take place on October 3, 2022.

With the new acquisition, we will increase our annual production of biodiesel (more precisely, RME – rapeseed oil methyl ester) by additional 100K tons, and the production of Halal glycerine (derived from plants) and Kosher glycerine will also increase. Kosher = pure types of glycerine intended for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or food industry. The plant—based in Czechowice‐Dziedzice— boasts a rich refining history. In 2005, after previous cooperation, it was taken over by LOTOS Group and given the name LOTOS Biopaliwa. The company has been producing biodiesel since 2008. During the company takeover by the Envien Group, it was renamed to ENVIEN BIOPALIWA POLSKA. Ľubomír Šrámek from the Financial Division is in charge of the new company integration into the Envien Group structures.

Our vision is step by step becoming a reality. The original fleet of vehicles in the Envien Group will be progressively replaced by passenger cars capable of running on the fuel B30.

What is B30 anyway? Read more in the article.

We are once again one step closer to fulfilling our vision of low emission mobility. From the beginning of the year 2022, our fleet will gradually be changed to passenger cars from the Stellantis group. Diesel engines of these vehicles are adapted for refuelling with a 30% share of biodiesel, which we produce in our company MEROCO. We are very pleased that we will be able to use directly more of the product made by us. This will achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in the impacts on ambient air quality.

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